Controlled Panel Manufacture

Automation System And Solution offers Control Panels for industrial automation. We manufacture Industrial Automation Panels suitable for AC/DC drives, PLCs, HMIs etc. The panels are designed for convenient layout and reliable wired interconnections between internal and external components. The enclosures are designed to be compact but with sufficient cooling of components. The operating switches, meters, Indicators etc. to be located on the front Door are placed for for ease of operation. All switchgears and components used are of reputed make.

Our Engineers are trained to interact with user industry to study the process requirements and to provide practicable and economic solution. We provide support from the stage of design to manufacture and commissioning. The electrical drawings for panels are designed on Autocad, which is interactive and hence leaves very little chance of any miss-connection in the drawing and subsequently in the finished panel. Our Panel manufacturing facility is manned by experienced engineers and technicians. We procure ready enclosures from the reputed manufactures with reliable international grade quality. Before leaving our Works, all the panels manufactured undergo complete physical, electrical tests to ensure that the panel is functioning as designed.

Our Expertise in the Control Panel :

< VFD/PLC Control Panel.

< Solar VFD Control Panel.

< Packaging/Printing Machine Control Panel.

< Equipment Testing Machine Control Panel.

< Food & Processing Machine Control Panel.

< Loadcell Based Weighing Machine Control Panel.

< Customized Control Panel.

< SPM Control Panel.

Compact single VFD wall mounting type Panel with metering. Input protection with MCCB, Control Transformer, MCBs and Control Relays. Panel cooling fan. Input and output terminals for supply for bottom entry cables.

Solar VFD Panel for pump applications. Dual selectable AC/DC Input. Running on solar panel in DC Mode and on 415 V Three phase AC supply in AC mode. Mechanically interlocked changeover switch provided for selecting operation mode.

PLC provide sequential operations of VFDs based on input form sensors placed in the process. HMI provided operation as well as display of process parameters and events. Reduced noise interference due to professionaly designed layout.